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These have included :

Low self esteem

Anxious in social Situations

Low self confidence 

Fears Stopping them moving Forward Procrastinating 

Anger and frustration 

Inability to let go of past

Doubting oneself constantly 

Over worrying 

Not believing in oneself 

​​If there’s something that you know deep down that you would like to resolve, then get in touch. 

We all have this internal conversation which determines how we feel at all times. Then when events occur in our life, we respond and react in certain ways. 

David works with you to help change this inner conversation.

He will not only help you discover more about who you are, but will also help you discover how to become the best version of you. We all have a story which determines how we think, feel and act at all times. The problem is a lot of the stories we have about ourselves are not true. However, we’ve convinced ourselves that they are true, and this becomes our truth and reality.  

Imagine that a group of us went to see a movie one night and then met up 3 months later to discuss the movie, you can almost say with certainty that we would all have different versions of the same movie! Everyone has a different version of their own life. It is this version that they are living with. 

Unfortunately with some people they start to do at least one of the following: 

Constantly compare their life against others 

Constantly criticise them-self and others 

Blame the world for their problems 

Avoid taking responsibility for their actions 

Stop socialising as they don’t feel good enough 

Never take opportunities for fear of failure 

Start new things but never finish 

Develop a pessimistic view of life 

Always want to be ‘right’ as they constantly feel not good enough 

Have a ‘head in the sand’ attitude 

They are always defensive 

Constantly think about the past 

Have no faith in them-self 

Don’t want others to succeed 

Always over analysing 

Clients come to David with a variety of problems...

Image of David Rahman

The list above of-course is not the final list!

Through mind coaching, David will help you to understand the way you think, review what can be improved, and empower you with the practical tools to achieve your goals.

He will also make you accountable to taking action, encourage you in moving forward and be a sounding board for any challenges you experience. 

To challenge the client, David also provides ‘homework’ between sessions to enhance the learnings of each client. 

This is done through both digital and offline means for client convenience. 

Work with me