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David Rahman  Global Speaker

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David has a simple yet profound message to share with the world. Many years ago he decided to come out of his comfort zone and speak on stage. 

If you’re looking for a dynamic, inspiring and motivating speaker, then David is more than happy to help. 

The world is in a state of flux and change is happening quicker than we can often keep up. It’s time to take back control! 

Hello, I’m David Rahman

If you are looking for someone dedicated to motivating a room of ten managers to inspiring an entire stadium of people, then I am looking forward to helping you. My talks combine psychology, philosophy, science, eastern wisdom and sound practical tools to help people at all levels start a new conversation within them-self. 

It is this same daily conversation that determines our success in every area of our life. 

My passion is to help people think and feel differently through my talks. 

You will leave my talks with practical knowledge to enhance your life, career and business. That’s a personal mission of mine. 

Themes and Topics

The Power Of Letting Go


How we as individuals worldwide can reduce stress and anxiety in the workplace and home by adopting a new thinking and awareness style. This is crucial for employee wellbeing and company future competitiveness.


The Mind-Body Duality


How our inner dialogue and daily micro actions affect our results in business, relationships and health.


How To Develop Bullet Proof Confidence In Business


Why we think the way we do, how to change it and exude ultimate confidence in everyday life and business.


 Attitude Is Everything


The power of attitude in life and business, and how to harness it to achieve greater focus, productivity and results.


The Holistic Human


How by looking inwards we can create a different outer world in our career and home life. 


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