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'Stand in your light.

Not in your shadow.'

David Rahman

David Rahman is a speaker, coach and author. His passion is to help people all over the world to start loving and believing in themselves. 

As we live in a world which is now changing at a pace never seen before, there is an increasing number of people with self confidence and self esteem problems. David believes that this has to change, and can change. His philosophy is to live in your light, not in your shadow. 

During 2020, he is releasing his book ‘Let It Go’ to help start a movement of change. David strongly believes that if we can let go of a belief, a behaviour or a habit that we are currently living, our life can start changing immediately.


Speaker + Coach + Author



If you’re looking for a dynamic, inspiring and motivating speaker, then David is more than happy to help.



Clients come to David with a variety of problems



David works with business and organisations to optimise staff performance and development.


New book 'Let It Go' coming soon.

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